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"There is nothing

more sad

or glorious

than generations

changing hands."

John Mellencamp 1985

This Page Is For My Dad.

Husband for 56 years, Father, Grandfather, GreatGrandfather.

When i was growing up my dad was the center of my life. He was always there. He didnít talk much. But i knew i could talk to him. Until i was thirty-six years old he never said the words i love you. But i knew he did. He showed me . In ways that might be considered shallow, or even harmful. He would bring me to the store and buy me some clothes. Once he bought me a watch. It had a big face and a wide strap. The strap was orange. BRIGHT ORANGE. But it was the 60ís and i liked it. He would bring me chocolate milk from Hoods. And wise bbq chips for a treat. My Dad was the center of my family. He could bring any of us out to the backyard and find us a four leaf clover. I couldnít find one if my life depended on it. He could find one no matter what. Even though his life didnít. IT WAS A GIFT HE HAD. Who am i to question why God gives the gifts He does.

I used to think maybe Dad would search the yard while i was playing, or at school and memorize where all the four leaf covers were. Yeah my Dad was the center of my family. In all ways good and bad. I used to get nervous if Mom put hot food on the table in front of him. Afraid heíd get upset and leave the room. See, he didnít like his food hot. I donít know why. Maybe a family he lived with made him eat hot food and it burned him. He didnít have it so good growing up. Maybe it was the war. Iím sure his food wasnít so hot over there. I used to get nervous when my kids ran around afraid heíd retreat into the cellar or garage. And we all knew you didnít slam a door. Iíd go running to keep a door from slamming behind my kids. ďJaneĒ, ďyour kids need a baby-sitter.Ē I knew that meant Iíd better slow them down to a quiet. Maybe the noise and confusion brought him back to the war. Maybe he just didnít enjoy kids. Through the years he was the center of a lot of them. This center of the family. But heís gone away now. AND I MISS HIM A LOT. AND now i know the reason Iíd run to stop a door from slamming. It was because I LOVED HIM. He was a big part of my life. And now i realize I had a special four leaf clover in my backyard the whole time. It was there the day i was born.



Edward Thomas Snay

Nov. 1, 1921 - Jan. 18, 1998

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